Life Inventory…CHECK!

One of my core philosophies in life is to do routine life inventory often. Every 30 days I go M.I.A. and evaluate my goals, plans, core values, material possessions and most importantly the people in my life. If im in a “rut” I do it right then and there. Cloudy mental space – blocks my creativity – creating is my life. That simply can’t happen. Add some depth to your life – get some character – don’t be one. Don’t be weighed down by people or extra things. Ever. They slow you down and can cause you to go haywire at anytime. Its too much. Cut them – click the refresh button in your mind and go forward. Stay fluid and I advise you to always keep the attitude that nothing is permanent. What is meant for you – will never go away. If you have repeat offenders that should tell you something – and im not talking about just people – even your thoughts – actions and situations. Those are – warning signs. Avoid toxic behavior and people – and you’ll know . # 1 sign is that they DRAIN you down. and too – dont be toxic to anyone else. that’s not nice. Bloom.


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