Tough decisions hurt and save at the same time

I’m usually known as a cut and dry person. Yes, sometimes things stump me and I get confused but I try to make a decision quickly because cloudy mental space = poor judgment.  Everything to me is black or white, yes or no, you will or you wont, you can or you can’t.  You’re in or you’re out.   You get my drift.  This morning my mom  recited one of my favorite Bible verses. Matthew 5:30. Basically stating that if someone brings you trouble or disturbs your peace, cut it off.    I wasn’t always like this – but I realized that keeping things simple gets me results. It keeps my life moving in the direction it should.  I’m not saying that I make the best decisions all the time but by applying this principle – everything usually works itself out for the better or at a bare minimum – I learn a valuable lesson.  Now, this is only helpful if you desire to move upward or continue to grow.  Gray areas, toxic situations and people – keep you stagnant, frustrated, confused or moving laterally. Now, unless you’re satisfied with your many accomplishments and live a carefree life full of reward and happiness – steer clear of the latter, please. Thank you.  Bloom!


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