When dealing with people. Happens a lot in the lingo stages of “relationships”

Just some observations I’ve noticed while being on the other side of the fence waiting on someone to give me an answer so I can move on.  Some people say I’m impatient or a control freak. It’s not that. Well, may a little of the control part is true, but only in cases where my livelihood or emotional space is off-balance. Love tends to be the only case where some of it does depend on someone else.  Even if I ask the question, I also make a preliminary decision that takes me out of the “waiting” stage. Typical questions like are we together or not? What are we? What do you want to do? The infamous what does this mean? YOU know.   Here’s what I’ve noticed:

Times ticking: Either it is or it isn’t. Because if it was then it would be already. If it’s “kinda” then it’s no. “Probably” more than likely means you’re already leaning towards yes. “I have mixed feelings” brings a negative connotation – so no.  If you’re “not really sure” – or “unsure” – there’s doubt – don’t expect an answer soon and “I don’t know” means you know or have an opinion on it already – you’re just being polite. It’s yes or no – maybe is no.  You either will or you wont – ” I think I can” or “I’m going to try” is you wont even get to it. sift thru the bs man. shall I go on?  The point is this – especially in relationships – we tend to hear what we want to hear or hold on to the littlest thing with no substance because of fear.  This isn’t love.  Like Maya Angelou says in a nutshell, love is many things but it is not unsure.  So, though we may not know how something is going to play out – if you’ve come to a decisions point that determines the future of that relationship (or friendship) – you have your answer already.  If one cannot be produced within reasonable time – options are being weighed by one of you. Take a step back and don’t force it. And certainly don’t put yourself through the anguish of waiting.  What is meant for you will remain.  Like my professor said in my Organizational Behavior class regarding decision-making. Often times – you will never have all the information you need but you also don’t have a lot of time. I mean who wants to feel confused and drawn out? So he said, make a decision based on only the information you have at the time. You may be wrong but in that case – make another decision as information presents itself.  And make a better one. Times ticking. Or is that your heart?

Take the Pledge with me!

My short-term goal is to get my life to a point where I have exciting things in progress or something new in the works. All the time. Every day is fresh. When someone asks me what’s going on I will phase out the phrase “Same Old. [Routine]” No going through the motions – I’m riding the wave. Long term goal: Keep myself happy with important nouns. #bloom.


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