The truth shall set you free – then set you on your right way…listen.

The truth is not for those who refuse to do anything positive or constructive with it.   Now this can be a very touchy subject.  I mean after all the truth can hurt at times.  I know this all too well, but I have also found that depending on what the constructive feedback has been, and from who –  either by friend or family member, hey maybe even a stranger; they recognize that you have massive potential to go far in life but that one thing – that is fixable – if – not attended to – will be your downfall.  Be it, attitude adjustment, offensive behavior, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of professionalism, short attention span, etc. etc. – so before you catch an attitude, because the comment caught you off guard and it is our natural response to take flight, deny it, avoid that person – or worse – try to hurt their feelings with a quick response – take a step back – wipe the shock face off and ask yourself – because you probably already know about the flaw anyway – are they right? If not, you should get to know yourself.  And by checking in with yourself often, you begin to notice what things are holding you back from your goals or that feeling of fulfillment.  If they are right, take heed and do something constructive with the feedback.  It’s in YOUR best interest.  And note to self: That person is likely to be someone you would want to keep in your life for a long time.  If they are overly critical and down right negative and you since they are miserable – separate yourself – NOW.  That person may be a hater – and a spiteful one at that and cloud your mental space.   Bottom line – the truth when applied to your life and daily living – can be all you need to get over the hump and ON with your life. Bloom.


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