What are you standing on?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this. Without some type of credible platform you will not be successful. Or rather, your success will be limited. A platform consists of both tangible and intangible things that constitute your ability to excel. The bigger (height and depth) your platform, the closer you are to realizing your goal or dream. So, I ask you, what are you standing on? Wanting it is not enough. Check that attitude, if it’s a bad one, lose that attitude. Refine your desire. Where is your plan? What’s on your plan? Is it realistic? As long as you understand it – that’s great. Be honest with yourself. Dont disconnect.

Just to get you thinking of things that will help you build a solid platform (I call it a package): Credentials, Past performance ( what have you done that qualifies you for your next goal, and what was is reputation), accomplishments, awards, degrees/  Have you been networking? Built and maintained good rapport and relationships with those contacts (calls, follow-up, emails, lunch, etc.).  Do you have a mentor (someone in the field or who’s career you respect).  It’s about baby steps. A very valuable lesson I learned.  When I first thought about starting my own company – I was all over the place mainly due to lack of knowledge and information.  I started out doing everything and ended up accomplishing nothing.  And felt I frustrated and turned off a lot of people willing to help me launch my endeavors but I had more growing to do.  Everybody wants to be the boss but everybody can’t handle it.  I had to learn exactly what I had, who I need, what I do, what I don’t, everything!  About three weeks ago I spoke with a successful editor and publishing consultant  based in New Your regarding a few book ideas I have and want to pursue as my next immediate endeavor.  After about an hour of conversing, she quickly concluded that my books have great market and selling potential.  But she said “I don’t think you’re ready to write your book just yet.” – She went on to give me some of the best advice I’ve received in a while.  Be attentive at all times. She advised me to build a platform.  An image and reputation for the topics I want to address and my market overall.  Start small and take baby steps.  Get your readership to connect with you, get featured in newspaper articles and magazines on your topic (this shows credibility and expertise), get a speaking engagement calendar, perhaps consider print-on-demand book publishing, guest blog. Basically, get out there and connect. Build your competence and confidence.   Your platform tells the public, your target market what qualifies you, why they should hire you, listen to you, and invest in your message.  Be authentic – like Oprah says, “Intention creates reality.” Don’t do anything for any other reason than passion and purpose – esp not for the money – because it will come to fruition and chances are very high you’ll lose it.

Like the quote says, ” In order to have great height, one must have great depth.” – Anon.



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