My new motto (or attitude)

Some things are non-negotiable (you have to know yourself and what keeps you balanced. Anything that affects that – has to go-period);  nothing is permanent (maintain a fluid mindset learning to adapt) – assess what your compromising on, settling for and holding on to.   Change your angle.  It’s not what happens to you – it’s what you do with it. I mean everything is not going to go your way every time.  But know, there is a lesson in that very experience for you.  Like real gold, the lesson becomes invaluable in terms of what it can do for your future.   Do what you have to do to regain a clear vision and perspective.  Understand that occurrences in life and love ebb and flow.  It’s a cycle.   If you don’t embrace the change – or the possibilities of new things coming into your life – who knows what your life will be – but I know what it wont be. Fully happy.  Fully reflective of your desires.  They say trying trumps talent.  Gotta start somewhere. Bloom.


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