As the good book says…

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. [Proverbs 23:7]”

Make the change first in your mind (thoughts) then with your mouth (words) and next with your heart. Your body will follow.   Turn should’ve, could’ve, would’ve into — I am. I will. I did. Any which way you want to put it – your chances of success are much greater when you commit to your goal – break it down into manageable pieces – and tackle it versus – sitting and looking at it like it’s difficult and not yours to claim. Like it’s a foreign object or something.  Watching the time pass only to accomplish nothing. It’s like when you lay in bed at nite and catch a glimpse of the time – it becomes your focus and you lose sleep worrying about how much sleep you have left. Go to sleep!  You know that feeling called regret? Yeah, I hate that feeling too.   Well the same thing happens in life – we see something we want or  have a passion we want to pursue and focus on all the many things we don’t have to accomplish it versus what we have and what we need to get.   Then before you know it – years have gone by and you look back and say – I should’ve or I could have.   The amount of time you’ve wasted – gets to you – and you end up putting it to the side because you are concentrating on how much time you “have left” … Get like Nike and just do it! At a bare minimum you’ll learn something very profound about YOU!   The good things you learn about yourself and your talent – you inject into the world for the better. Bloom.

One of my favorite commercials that captures the essence of what I’m trying to say in another light…


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