I mean, not that we didn’t know this but…just in case…

Break ups—– they happen. We know this. And for a while after – we’re confused and kind of play the game – “youre together but you’re not” – and you don’t really cut the ties (like you know you should) … then you find yourself going through motions or like me – becoming emotionally drained.  Let go. Don’t fear change. Like the old song says, “Don’t be no fool when love really don’t love you” —- I did everything – talked to people, I probably ran my poor friends ragged – reading good articles and books – helped though.   This was a good article I found – simple read – the point being is most of us will fall in one of the scenarios listed – be honest with yourself and decide if its best to be friends. I say – NO.  (At least not for a while).  And I also turned to guru life coach, Martha Beck for the close…check out her article here….: )


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