Your opportunity may not always come to you. But somebody is always watching.

Walk like you’re going somewhere; talk like you deserve to be there. Look –like YOU are JUST the person they have been missing and desperately need (meaning dress code). Own the moment.  Don’t just play the part – act like it’s yours.  Referrals and personal recommendations go a long way. Bloom!

Oh and do some background research on what it is you want BEFORE HAND – don’t go into anything blind – unless you have to.  Be it a job, event, anything.   There is this concept called TAILORING.  They have requirements – pinpoint how you meet them. It’s referred to as the 6 Ps of Performance – proper planning prevents piss poor performance.  First impressions are lasting impressions. Are they not?  Not saying you won’t get a second chance – but that first perception will be hard to break.


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