Purpose driven – happy livin’

 Today has been a pretty normal day which I can appreciate.  Nothing really happened out of the ordinary but knowing what a hectic— caarrazzzyyy day can feel like and do to me – I’m grateful for the calm right now.  I tend to take advantage of this quiet time by reminding myself that everything I do in my life – everything I’m doing RIGHT NOW – is for a purpose and for my happiness.    I make sure that I fully understand, validate and believe that my present tasks  —strengthen my purpose.  And this keeps me focused on giving 100% – even when I feel lazy and just want to relax.  At 27 years old, what I’ve come to know through personal discovery is that realizing your purpose is the key to realizing your potential and living the life you were meant to live.   Very few of us start out having everything we want but I do believe that everything we need— to get what we want — we already have.  Heard that before?  It’s important to know what you want to do – WHY you want to do it and then work on HOW you can achieve that.   Karen Salmansohn creates these great  little posters that help keep my mind on track and reinforce my daily pursuits of happiness. Here is the one from today…Enjoy and BLOOM!



I’m not a big fan of extra  (things, people who serve no real purpose and do more harm than good)- like Erykah Badu sings in her song “Bag Lady”.  The line that goes, “One day, all them bags [are going] to get in your way so — PACK LIGHT.”   Let go. If you’re meant to have it – you will – if you lose it all – you were suppose to – can you get it back again – absolutely – do you want it all back – no.    Your life should consist of ONLY those things that add value and lift  you up.  Anything else – to the winnndooowwww – to the trash! [In my Lil’ Jon voice]  Believe it or not – you wear “complicated”  “confused” “lost” “negative” all over your face.  It becomes an energy.


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