Draw your inspiration from great sources…preferably those who you can plainly see why they say and do what they do…

Don’t be afraid to be great.

If you desire not to, don’t become a hater.
I can guarantee you — judging or criticizing someone else’s pursuits and lifestyle –
will severely impact your own.  Watch where you place your energy and the kind you give off.
Be a bridge not a road block.  Don’t lose focus. Don’t be a crab in the bucket.  Karma is as real as death.  Makes all the difference.  Like Maya Angelou says, “If you are going to teach, you must live your teaching.”
Matter of fact, just never become afraid of being great.  Ever.
Go for your passion – realize your purpose. Do what makes you feel alive. 
Don’t be in denial – be determined.
The moment you give up.  I don’t even think we want to know what that feels like.

If everyone is performing at their best and striving for greatness – our world will become something we can all be proud of. And enjoy – together.
Enriching.  Thriving.  Sustaining. If – such a small – big word.
When times get tough and you get discouraged – recharge from your sources of inspiration.
Make sure they are constant, always evolving, naturally motivate you and are always available.
A book. A song. A person.  A quote. A movie.

“Most young kings get their head cut off.”
Queens too.
When you are striving to be significant – we all do.
Don’t let it stop you.

Like Kanye said, “To whom much is given, must is tested.”


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