Stop searching – start living…


I picked out this phrase within a billboard while riding the metro into work this morning [ I spruced it up  a little]. It reminded me of a quote that I love that goes something like – “It’s not what you look at – it’s what you see.” I find that many times we wait for that one thing that is supposed to make us feel Complete. Significant. Important. Like we’re somebody. That job or career. That salary. That degree. That relationship. That car. We search relentlessly or even obsess over it. We want it. Now I can start living you might say – now life is good. Once you get it. That is the farthest thing from truth. By the time you accomplish those things not only can you feel exhausted. Perhaps more empty – but you don’t know what to do next. And some of those things you lose. I read somewhere that you have to build a relationship with life – a respect for it. Totally. OR you won’t enjoy it. The whole “Are you living or just existing question.” Let life take you – but as author Cathie Black mentions in her book Basic Black, “Take risks that are calculated, not crazy.” It’s like the law of diminishing return – the more you do for the wrong reasons– the less it pleases you or fulfills you. So you develop somewhat of addictive behavior to searching – to fill a void instead of patching it for good. We tend to focus on what we have vs. who we are. We ignore living in the moment and appreciating those around us. This billboard to me reinforced that if you don’t start living – and as Diane Sawyer says, “Waking up curious,” to learn just what the present has to offer you or where it can take you – you’ll end up asking yourself, “What the heck have I accomplished?” You’ll question what kind of person you are. What you’re here on this earth for? Have you done anything that matters? Though both of these cases require you to move through life –searching leads you to be defined by what you have (accumulating a lot of things that add no value) – living leads you to be defined by what you’ve done to feed your mind, body and spirit – and grow confidently. So tomorrow – as the song by Scouting for Girls goes– it’s a new day – a blank page – a fresh start- live. Bloom.


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