One of my daily hype videos

I try to keep motivation around me in different forms whether it’s a quote, a picture of someone I admire, music – you name it.  It’s so hard to stay focused sometimes, and that lazy or discouraged feeling can creep up on you at any time taking you off task and delaying your goal or dream. Don’t let that happen.  When you feel confused or overwhelmed like what am I doing? Find some positive motivation to reignite the flame and get you back on track.  Here’s one of my favorite inspirational videos from Diddy himself – one of the best to ever do it.  He’s someone I’ve always looked up to for several reasons.  I don’t judge him on his personal life but when it comes to business, entrepreneurship and success – you have to give him credit.  He pushes the limit, breaks down barriers – esp for people of color and gives back to communities all over – what more can you ask for? Enjoy and always remember – BLOOM! (Constantly do those things necessary to grow and be resilient. Never give up and I’d rather you slow down before you go backwards).   That’s key – STAY INSPIRED. ALWAYS. Happy Thursday!!! 


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