This just in: A great post to keep close!! FOCUS on your dream.

Hi #teamBLOOM,

Not sure if you’ve all seen this video by Mr. Tyler Perry but it’s a great one.   It’s a question I’m sure you’ve wondered about at some point, esp all my 20-somethings.  I know I have, sheesh!  How do you become successful?  And while I do believe that there are many forms of success – and I’ll share those from time to time – for those of you, like me, who have an ambitious dream or endeavor they want to get off the ground.   How to do it successfully is a question that arises day by day even minute by minute.  Well, just like my previous post where Diddy explains to LOCK IN on your dreams and do the work; Perry offers  similar advice just put in a different way.  Plant your seed and believe then let God do the rest. BELIEVE!!!! BLOOM!!


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