When the flow of my life hiccups

Hey Blooms,

Just something that I noticed now that I’ve finally gotten back into a productive rhythm! (Thank Heavens!)

When you’re in your element – your mind is free and creativity is unblocked. You feel in control, balanced and just right.  If you’re not – you’re stressed, frustrated and distracted more than you should be  (almost in a consuming way) resulting  in you getting nothing accomplished and no progress is made. And I hate when the flow of my life hiccups or is disrupted.  But it happens. I just don’t believe you should stay stuck and feel like you can’t do anything.  UNstuck YOURSELF.  Now. Right now. 

Don’t keep going and pushing through – sounds anti-bloom, huh? What I mean is – during these times when I’m just OFF – I go to why I feel that way, I don’t ignore it.  I consider my creativity my livelihood.   If I can’t create – I can’t write.  I’ll go as far as I can’t think – CLEARLY.  And I don’t like not performing or producing at a high quality level.  So, whatever is taking away from it or just draining me. I go and find it – resolve it immediately.   It may subside on its own but it may not – me not being a big risk taker – I don’t have much time in between what if it does and what if it doesn’t.  I kind of just do what I can (if I can) to make sure it DOES.   And get back to:



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