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I’ll have an official bio for you guys soon but in short: I’m a 27-year-old self-proclaimed young adult Life Coach. I’m also Part Promoter. Part Advocate. Part Humanitarian.  All Personality.

My short-term goal is to become an independent life consultant and author for young adults who need some help trying to figure this crazzyyyy world out! And more specifically their purpose and passion within it.  My long-term goal is to create a portfolio of branded services and products that  serve three goals: 1) Empower young adults to take more control in designing their future – their way; 2) Help them identify and promote their talent through the most effective forums including this site; and 3) Influence pop-culture and young adult lifestyle in a positive yet eclectic way. With one simple word: BLOOM!

I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from Fairfield University in 2006 (Go Stags) and my Master of Public Administration degree from Bowie State University in 2011 (Go Bulldogs).  I consider myself an entrepreneurial art form – a neat term I discovered a while back that simply means – I create and construct  things in many forms with the intention of injecting boosts of positive energy, realignment and confidence in people’s lives. My mission is to inspire  and support my peers – Generation Y including those slightly older than myself and all those younger than myself — to create a vision for their life and believe they can do just about anything with self-discipline, respect and some creativity. Oh and of course by knowing yourself – that’s the starting point. Sure, there are challenges and setbacks but what is life without them – that’s where wisdom comes from so next!
This blog will strategically share anything that motivates, inspires, entertains, sparks your brain and gets you pumped up and hyped to live a fulfilling life that you will create, find your path and stay resilient during those trying obstacles. 

I feed off of positivity and motivation. I learn best from others who’ve been where I’ve been and are now where I want to be in some respect. Either personally, financially or spiritually. Interesting people are like magnets to me. As I meet them – so will you on this blog.

Anyone can teach me something – directly or indirectly.  Age is irrelevant. Creativity is my life.  I use it to solve everyday problems.  They say life is better when you share it so as I learn – I teach. Then you’ll share it – and the cycle continues. Works for me!  I’m a very transparent person – you can’t learn and grow if you’re frontin’ with yourself. Frontin’ = fake and this is REAL LIFE.  That’s my purpose – that’s my job. That’s what you’ll find here in many forms and fashions.  Literally.

I have three rules I ask you to follow in order to live a “Bloom Lifestyle”:

Think.   About what you want to do and what you love. Ideas, goals, purpose statements, you name it.  I believe we all have a special gift and talent waiting to be ignited – trust me – it will change your life. Who knows – could change your income too! Now we’re talkin’.

Plan.     Now, write down what you’re thinking about – Connect the dots (this is your plan) and set your plan up for motion.  How will you get there?  Who can you talk to? I believe we are only as powerful as the options we have – options mean opportunities! (Options decrease your chaces of getting stuck in the rut). Network. Find a few mentors – people you respect who don’t mind taking you under their wing and supporting you to your goals – basically teaching you what they know and where they messed up (that’s key!). They have changed my life.

Bloom.  Stay focused. Hold yourself accountable.  Commit.  Grow Up. And Out. And bright.  Live your life. Love your life. Be Bold. Be confident. If you fall off the horse. GET BACK ON! That simple. After you learn why you fell off the first time!

Hey. The 20s are no joke! Trust me, I know.  Connect with me and I’ll connect with you.  I believe we’re more powerful together.  So let’s inspire each other! Let me know what you’re working on – and I’ll help you bloom! I believe if you’re going to do something – do it BIG, and that’s more than making a statement.  It means having big, clear and honest intentions so that when you step out there, you step out right!  Go for it.

 Sincerely, Cheryl aka Bloom.


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