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Want to start your own business? Want to define your purpose? Read on!! I knew I wanted to start my own company but had the hardest time defining my mission and vision statement.   And then I picked up this book at the airport in Atlanta about 3 years ago and couldn’t put it down.   Take your business one step further – define your purpose and create a statement.   Since it’s good to know who you are and what you’re good at before launching a company, this book is not so much business-centric – its purpose driven, thus it can help you figure out who you are and why you are – and what your company is and (is not). Let me know if you decide to get it and what you think!  

Another book that I loved!!  Talks a lot about taking your life right now and making it more of your own.  Let’s be honest, some people love their jobs and some don’t. Some people love their lives, some don’t.  Now I know the job part is not always easy to change or improve – If we could we would huh? See my post “As the good book says…”  As I always say,  A life without passion – is a life without a vision.  Nonetheless you owe it to yourself and those around  you to live a life that is whole, consistent, genuine and true.   Right now, you have some people who are “one way” at work and then “another way on the weekend” –  “waiting for the weekend!”  Get a hobby, find a passion.  Figure out who you are, what you love, WHY you love it, and HOW to make it a part of your daily living.  Why separate them? This is one thing YOU ALWAYS OWN. It really opened my eyes.  Lifestyle design at least. I was 22 years old when I read this and now at 27, I have a good handle on the direction and the type of life I live.


Linchpin was a book I picked up during my quest to figure out how I, at 23/24 years old, could acquire and showcase my skill sets and be recognized as an asset within a company – regardless of my age.  I wanted to not only become valuable but in demand because demand shows that I’m needed.   Now author Seth Godin is not saying – this book will make you indispensable. As we all know – that is just something that is out of our control sometimes if we’re not the boss.   More so, he’s asking you to evaluate if you are or not. I will say this – to get respect and stick around for a while at a company —you have to give it your all – especially if you’re a newbie to the workforce.  Just like in accounting – FIFO – First in First out.   And when you’re not only the rookie on your team but the youngest which I was at the time- you have to do whatever it takes (not selling your soul or compromising your integrity or anything) but to get to a level of standing out and becoming a young person your company is willing to hold on to and invest in. THAT IS WHAT YOU WANT. You have to contribute – you have to perform – WELL.  Not just attending meetings and waiting for someone to give you your tasks – but to find opportunities to bring something to the table thoughtfully.  It works  and it is noticed– and it helped me build countless professional relationships and get ahead quickly.   Look at everything as a test – if they send you materials before a meeting – read them. I learned the hard way and it only took one time. Be prepared. Ask questions, don’t goof off, and begin hanging with people who are doing well at the company.   Association is key.   Now, a bit of advice personally, I could get called for this – but – invest your energy in the company that can potentially invest back.   Each employer is going to teach you something about where you should be and where you shouldn’t. Pay attention and learn to recognize. So you don’t waste your time or energy and really do them a disservice.  Because no matter who you want to blame – you know better – it always falls back on you.  Stay on point – and stay ahead.


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